18 Sep

I have been asked several times if I ever suffer from writer's block, and if yes, what I do about it. 

Since I started authoring my novels, yes, I have experienced one major writer's block, which is for me, a refusal of the brain to churn out a continuation of a story. I have been under a lack of desire to write, although ideas are flying around in my head. I have had to fight to stop myself from grabbing that pen and writing more. 

Back to writer's block. You want to write. You want to continue that story. You want to go beyond that mountain and get to the peak. But your head just won't budge. The refusal to budge can be for a short while, or for years. Writer's block is one major way authors who have done well just stop writing (besides them having acquired enough money from their writing, maybe).

In my view, when writer's block comes knocking, it is time to stop, and let the story wear itself out of your system. By the time you get writer's block, you have been so intense at the task, that your brain cells just refuse to go on. You have been under immense drive, immense pressure, both physically and mentally. It is time to put all pens down. Time to close that laptop. Time to relax that back. Time to go walk at the beach and play frisby. Time to get a social life flowing again. Time for healing from the authoring ailment.

By the time writer's block hits, everything else your body has been telling you, begging you for rest, has failed. Sometimes, this block is a way to stop you a bit, take stock, and see which way you want the story to go. A crossroads of some sort; a reminder that there are alternatives that need to be considered.

As such, I consider writer's block a positive warning sign from my body and mind, to stop and see and listen. To remember the writing world is not all there is. The sun shines outside, and is begging for you to come out and get some heat. The air is begging to be breathed in. The birds are begging to be heard. 

In taking a break, ideas usually come. Sceneries come while I am taking a walk. In one event it was wonderful to remember a dream I had had and written many years ago come to me while I was on a block, and the dream fitted perfectly with the continuation of my story. I used that dream for my story and there was a seamless flow.

When writer's block comes upon you, please ask yourself if it is not your saviour. 

Take care of your writing self.


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