A Week is Not Forever

Featuring Gazina Dinyere-Schubert and Gamaal Saliim Ibn Massriiy, the story is told by and of a woman who meets love at a point in life where she did not need it. Paying minute attention to her emotions, Gazina discovers in her a new existence. Will Gzina and Gamaal be able to convert the abominable extramarital relationship into a legal marriage? Can they have it both ways? Deep emotion, intense love, interspersed with serious life challenges! Published

The Way They Love

Gamaal's surprise for Gazina goes awry in Bali. An encounter with the spouses on both sides. An illness nearly claims Gamaal's life. How do the two lovebirds deal with all this? Do they achieve the ultimate of their love? Published

Mhayi is an Angel (but I will kill my fahter when I grow up).

A mother's life through the eyes of her daughter. Mhayi (mum) does everything that is good for her family and her husband, but is rewarded with abuse and ill treatment. In this book Firie Mhene gives a skimmed-over account of the daughter's recollections. Explore this relationship to find out -Tear dropping; heart-rending TBA

Living in a thousand lives

How do you tell the overly sensitive things to your partner? In this book Firie expertly describes women's dealings as they negotiate the very thin lines of marital sensitivity in a cross-cultural setting. -Boldly realistic; grotesquely daunting, hilariously presented TBA

Firie's Women

Divulging the stories women share among themselves, Firie writes these stories because her friends asked her to write. The women all believe these stories have to be read, and have to be the voices that speak loud to the world. -Mind-changing TBA